What Colors For Wood Grain Base Coat

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra,

Thank you for the faux painting download. I am wondering if yellow is the only color used for the base when painting for a wood faux finish or if there are other color choices available or recommended?

Also, is the base simply paint (like perhaps an eggshell water based paint) or is it a specific category of paint product?

Thank you for your timely response.


Hi Francis,

The yellow is used for wood that you want to resemble like oak or pine etc.

I’ve used a red color for wood like mahogany.

does that make sense?

And the base is simply paint. Always use a satin or something “slippery”. A paint with a slight sheen means it won’t
“grab” the glaze as you apply.

If you use a flat water based paint, the glaze will be grabbed by the paint underneath and you won’t be able to play with it and create a grain effect.

Have fun…


Hi Debra,

Thank you very much for getting back to me right away.

So since a choice of many base colors can be used, I suppose there is almost unlimited possibilities as regards a final result.

I also suppose that trying several different base colors would be needed to “hone in” on a desired end result. We have toffee colored maple kitchen cabinets that I want to duplicate.

Note: see the silhouette cabinet face at the link below.



Hi again Francis

toffee-color-wood-grainHmmmm… with those cabinet colors I think you will want to try a “buff” color for the base coat. Something very very light.

It could be that an off-white or cream color will
work best. Try not to go with a yellowish or pink tinted off white. Stay in the
coffee with ton’s of cream color

And… as a side note the glaze will have to be played with as well. If the overall color of the cabinets lean towards a redish tint then use a sienna base… like raw sienna.

And if the cabinets are more of a yellow looking wood then stick with the umber glaze.
It’s a toss up between burnt umber and raw umber really.

The video teaches you to create the wood technique… it’s a creative process to come up with the exact combination of base coat and glaze coat if you are trying to “match” something.
But I think it’s really fun…

good luck.. Debra

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