Special Tips For Faux Wood Graining Moldings or Chair Railing

by THAT Painter Lady

I just watched through your paint a column video.

I would like to paint moldings in our library to resemble a fairly dark cherry/mahogany.

Any special tips for painting moldings like these? You had some special hints about painting columns, I just wondered if there was anything special for the moldings.

For one thing it seems you could not do the sideways brush-off technique due to the complex shape, although for faux cherry you suggest not doing that anyway.

One thought I had was starting with those faux grained moldings you can buy at the big boxes. They’re made of some kind of plastic stuff.

I have used the ones that are just white primed, but they also have ones with built-in faux grain.

What got me started thinking is that they say you can paint over that faux grain.

So, I wonder… would it work to use something like the stain+polyurethane you can buy (Minwax Polyshades) just on top of the faux grain?

Or perhaps a red-tinted glaze? All ideas welcome!

Hi Gary…

Moldings are pretty easy to get the “effect” of faux wood. Really.

They are very narrow but long expanses of surface. The idea is to “paint” the glaze in only one long direction. The brush will do the work for you if you just let it. :0)

Try “not” to go to straight along the way. Grain is “not” straight. It moves and angles along the molding.

And yes you can use the Polyshades. I would first paint the base color for faux cherry and try the Minwax product to replace the glazing process.

Sometimes in this graining process… you have to “grain” with the glaze more than once to get a multi level grain… which looks fantastic.

Remember that in the graining process, sometimes you won’t see the best results until you put on a final clear coat. Just like in refinishing furniture… it can look a bit dull until that last coat is on.

Excellent, thank you for your advice. Can’t wait to try it out! (Unfortunately it will have to wait for me to replace the flooring, and then install the built in cabinets I’m building.)

Wow Gary,

I can hardly wait for you to get started. Let me know how it’s going.

Don’t forget to put in pics of your ongoing progress… we would all love to share in your adventures. 🙂

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