Painting Bathroom Vanity from Light to Dark

by THAT Painter Lady

I currently have a bathroom vanity that is painted white. I would like to change the color to a dark espresso. What is the best method to do this.

The most important part of painting any cabinet or furniture piece is the prep.

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

1. Clean the vanity thoroughly with soap and water and let dry

2. Sand – Depending on what finish your vanity has on it currently, you may need to do some sanding to prep the surface and give it grit for the paint to adhere properly.

3. Clean off the dust with a tack cloth (very important)

4. Prime with a tinted primer sealer. Because you want to paint the vanity with a dark color, it will be best to start with a tinted primer. The paint supply store can mix a specific primer color that will go with the color that you choose for the dark espresso.

5. Paint (Get your Paint on!)

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