Faux Wood Finish Mahogany

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra

I want to do a faux wood finish to match wood that is mahogany, it’s very dark, almost black. Can you please tell me what colors I would use to obtain that finish.

Sincerely, Sandra

Hey Sandra…

Faux Wood techniques are really easy. Of course their are always the very technical detailed faux wood grained finishes. That’s not what I teach… Yuck. I don’t want to work that hard. I like easy, peasy.

So the wood graining techniques shown in the video are just basic, easy…. (anyone can do this) techniques.

Now, to make a really dark wood, the base coat color must change. Usually it’s a yellow undercoat, but for a dark mahogany the undercoat will have to be more brown than yellow.

Really a mahogany finish is going to take a few more layers of glazing as well. That will give you the depth of color you are trying to achieve.

Have fun… debra

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