Coffee Color Glaze For Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

by THAT Painter Lady

paint-color-and-glaze-suggestions-cabinet-doorHi Debra,

I’m refinishing my kitchen cabinets.

I’m adding new moulding & hardware as well.

I’d like a medium tone finish as my kitchen isn’t very big but gets alot of light.

I”m using sample boards & I’ve been playing around with benjamin moore paint samples in a light beige to medium brown for the base coat.

I’ve attempted mixing my own glaze using Raw Umber, Raw sienna, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, & Ultramarine blue in different configurations. I like a coffee tone glaze.

I’ve attached a photo of the color I’m hoping to achieve. I believe it is a coffee glazed finish.

If not, I’d still like to acheive this color if I can. Any suggestions for base paint & glaze recipes?

Thank you


Hi Donna…

It’s hard to tell… but it sounds like you have tried a ton of different options.

It may be the base coat your using is the wrong color.

Sometimes the beiges and browns are more pink than a yellowed beige.

Pick up several beige paint chips and hold them right up next to each other…

You will see that some are more “pinky” in color… You really need a more “yellowed” beige

Then the over glaze layers will look different

And try using very thinned glaze layers instead of trying to get it all in one glaze layer.

It may be that the top glaze is a whitish layer… or that may just be glare on the photo…

I hope this is helpful… give us a shout if you still can’t figure it out.

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