Painting Faux Mahogany On Honey Oak Banister And Railings

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra,

Thank you for being available to us novices.

We recently stripped and painted our honey oak banister and railings a salmon mauve color and used brown glazes to faux a mahogany look.

It ended up looking one note – burgundy.

Can I add a gold glaze over the polyurethane top coat to and depth and dimension?


Rose Marie

Hi Rose Marie…

I have good news.

You can go over the entire thing with another glaze coat (or several) and then poly coat them again.

It’s a bit like starting over.

You will need to give everything a light sanding so that the new faux wood glaze “sticks”.

Usually – I would recommend painting the entire thing and starting from scratch. But.. I’m sure you don’t want to do that… so I have an alternative solution that might work.

Because the “base coat” color is now very dark… you will need to glaze with some lighter colors that also have a paint added to the glaze instead of just paint tints.

The glaze / paint mixture would be made of a golden yellow color – much like dark mustard. Don’t “paint” it on… use the graining techniques. Cover the railings and banister about 75%.

When it’s all dry then you would go back over it with a darker mahogany grain color glaze mixture.

Hope this helps…

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Wendi Bacon July 16, 2010 at 4:09 pm

would love to know what colors you used to paint/glaze the banister and railings to achieve the faux mahogany look.

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