Painting A Garage Door To Look Like Wood

by THAT Painter Lady

Dear Debra,
I’ve reviewed your 7 steps program and your video on faux wood painting.

I am currently trying to paint garage doors and shutters to mimic my stained front door in a dark wood tone.?

I’ve used some of your techniques for inside doors, but you cannot use glaze on exterior surfaces….at least my 3 paint experts from 3 different stores have told me.?

So, I’ve used a latex base, matched as closely to the raw wood, then using a “brown” that closely matches the staincolor,??

I have diluted the brown latex with water, 6 parts water, 1 part paint.?

The base coat has been applied….now comes the tough part.? The application of the thin brown paint to result in a faux wood look….yes all the doors and shutters are wood that has already been painted once.???

The garage doors are faced with cedar, which is a rough surface (an addition problem when using rags to wipe off the brown to achieve the desired look of faux wood.)? So, DO YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS????? Thanks

Sherry Kennedy

Plus — I also had this question about painting a garage door to look like wood:

Can you please tell me what materials/technique is needed to create a faux wood finish on a garage/and front door of my home located in South Florida.

Hi Sherry and Julie

Funny thing… We are having a new garage door installed in a few weeks. I choose one that looked like carriage doors. I did not want to pay the price of a “real” wood door… so I’m going to wood grain my own.

Seems reasonable since I am THAT Painter Lady… LOL.

I painted a metal garage door about 5 years ago with house paints and glazes and it still looks great!

My big idea for the garage door I’m going to do? I’m going to use exterior grade stain!

I picked this idea of from some guys that paint “wood graining” on garage doors in the “big city”.

It seemed so obvious… I need to use a glaze that was “oil” based instead of water based to have the durability and UV protection.

I’ve tried it on some sample boards and it works like a charm.

On rough cedar… try brushing on the stain with one brush and wiping of the stain with another brush that is almost dry. Using rags is way to much of a pain.

Just keep brushing out the glaze with the brush and then wipe the brush on the rag… then back to the door… then wipe of the brush.

Note… this will only work with a natural bristle brush.

Hope this helps….


p.s. You can tell all three of your “experts” to call THAT Painter Lady. I’d like to ask them how long they have been painting with decorative finishes professionally… LOL


While I can’t give you the entire technique and product list. That just wouldn’t be fair to those that have purchased that information from me here:

Here are a few articles over on THAT Painter Lady blog that might help:

have fun…

Debra – That Painter Lady

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