Light Oak Wood Faux Treatment

by THAT Painter Lady

Wood Faux treatment: I have 8 mobile home doors I would like to change to light oak color to match the door & wall trim.

They are not real wood but look like a melamine finish.

Can I still do this treatment?

If I start with clean doors, do I need to sand or degloss or prime?

Where or how do I ask for the yellow ocher paint color?

I need to get started really quick. Thanks for any enlightenment.

Light Oak is a bit different than the darker color taught in the Faux Wood video.

But, oak still has a yellow undertone.

The yellow ochre color suggested is a basic color from an artists pallet.

If you walk into any craft supply store and ask for yellow ochre acrylic paint. They will have lot’s of choices, but they are “all” the same color. I always suggest that you purchase a $1 bottle of yellow ochre and take it to the paint store. They can match that color for you, no problem.

The over glaze should be more “reddish” then the instructions. Add some Red Sienna (also a basic color) and you should be good to go.

debra THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra,
I am gathering my supplies, and I’m thinking that the burnt umber color is too dark and will not match the honey-oak look that I have in the rest of my woodwork in the house.

I’m sure you have been asked this before, so what color do you recommended for a lighter, honey oak look?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Kim,

Try raw umber and burnt sienna mixed… Make this glaze really thin.

When the graining is dry if it’s to pale… grain again with a bit heavier mixture.

Should work… let me know.


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