Wood Grain Paint Cabinets Dark Maple

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra….

I got the colors to wood grain paint my cabinets.

You recommended in the video that I get Chamois color and burnt Sienna glaze and then go over with Umber.

I did this luckly on a sample piece and I feel the color is to light https://rxcare.co.uk/cialis-online-uk/.

Also I put the glaze with very little tint per your video and you couldnt even see any color so I had to experiment.

My question is: I want to wood grain paint my cabinets to a dark maple color with some red tints in it.

  • What color do you recommend?
  • What brand of paint do you recommend with that color?
  • What is the (approx) measurements for glaze and tint so that it comes out a good consistent color?
  • Do you recommend me sanding my cabinets before putting primer on?
  • Per the can it says you don’t have to sand if you use primer. Please confirm if that is correct.


Hi Nicole –

First lets talk about sanding.

Of all the things that I hate… sanding cabinets is right up on top. That said… if you aren’t going to sand – it is perfectly acceptable to use a “sanding” primer. This primer sticks to just about anything… and should give a good strong bond.

Now let’s look at your color choices for Dark Maple Faux Wood Graining with a red tint.

With your choice of Dark Maple wood grain… i t has a basic tan background color. Not yellow undertones.

The glaze is going to be mix and test… I haven’t done a Maple faux wood grain. The reddish tones can come from Red Iron Oxide. You won’t need but a hint.

I like Behr brand and Glidden brand paints.

Hope this is helpful… Debra

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