Faux Wood Painting

by THAT Painter Lady

Faux Wood Painting is the imitation of the natural graining of woods. The technique is as simple as base coating the surface with an opaque background of the general color of the wood to be imitated (but lighter). When the base coat is dry, covering this with a coat of transparent color, of the proper tint to create the graining.

The  methods of imitating the various woods are performed with common brushes, and as soon as the basecoat is dry then the  process called the over-graining is next.

This technique is done with a variety of tools, consisting of broad, flat, and thin brushes, used by either flat appication, turning the hand, or edgewise.

Liner brushes, natural bristle brushes,  combs, and graining tools, are use by dipping into glazes or stains and passed quickly and lightly over the base coat paint, so as to leave the streaky grains, curls, and knots.

These are intended to remain, untouched as required, and shows some of the background color because of its transparency.  The various lines, eyes, veins, and knots are then touched and re-touched until the desired effect is obtained. The last step is sealing the finished product.

By  following written instructions or the video tutorials… you can copy the examples or follow your own techniques.  You  must really  examine and carefully study the natural wood graining’s so that you will be able to produce a natural representations of it.

By purchasing  a few feet or so of material similar to the surface you will be painting on… you can try practicing different glaze combinations and techniques until you “get” just what you are looking for.  It’s always better to do samples and practice before you dive right in!  Thats the THAT Painter Lady way….

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