Faux Wood Graining Garage Door

by THAT Painter Lady

Hi Debra,

Well, we finally finished painting the exterior of our house and faux-wood graining the garage door

Time was of the essence.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated long enough to let me paint without too much heat (it was going to change for the hotter according to the weatherman and it did for a day or two), however, I did deal with quite a bit of wind.

I’ve never painted and fauxed so fast in my life. LOL.

Definitely challenging to get the glaze/paint-on before it dried.  The strokes were long and tiresome trying to keep it on track, but I did it in 2 days basically.

I primed and based coated one day took about an hour or 2 for each and then fauxed the next that was 6 to 8 hours.

Then I left it for 2 days and came back and double sealed it.

The house color is quite a change for us ( and I suspect for a couple of our neighbors too = ) ) it was funny hearing all the (well-intentioned) “unasked for” opinions about how we should do the garage door.

I never told them what I was planning… haven’t heard a thing from those particular neighbors since.

Either they’re not happy that I chose my own way or blown away by the look and feel silly, I’d like to think the latter. = )

We’ve had many many compliments as well and notes left on our car expressing their love for our colors!!! I’ve also had a couple of offers to do garages.  I’m on the fence about that.It’s not too terribly difficult, it’s just that I can live with my imperfections not sure if someone else can.

We really love how it all turned out especially with the wood look doors.
Thank you for all your input and help and your wood grain video set!
Hi Ann… Call me impressed!  I love what you did on your garage door… and the house color is perfect.
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Shelia Johnson July 16, 2010 at 3:32 pm

Hi Ann,

I love what you did with the garage door and your house. Very nicely done!
Oh and don’t be afraid to branch out and do other peoples also. Go for it!


Stancy July 23, 2010 at 2:19 pm

love what you’ve done with the garage door, it compliments the exterior wall color.
What is the color of the wall called by the way.

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