Refinishing Damaged Woodwork

by THAT Painter Lady

HI Debra,
I was just thinking about you this AM as I am finishing up “reusing” the
woodwork on the upper level of our home. Thought you might want to share
this idea with your readers as well.

We just put in a lovely new laminate wood floor in 2 rooms and our upstairs

We already have a medium color of woodwork and the floor matches
beautifully to our existing woodwork.

However, due to years of wear and tear and probably lots of children,
our woodwork is kind of dinged up.

So I decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

I found a stain and varnish in 1 step and chose a bit darker than our existing woodwork.

I first lightly buffed up the woodwork with sandpaper, rubbed it down with steel wool
and then hit it with a tack cloth to pick up all the dust.

I then brushed in the bit darker stain to the cracks and dings and then smoothed it
on top to bottom.

It has covered and filled in without adding a lot more color and the satin finish has
brought it back to life!

Now instead of cleaning woodwork with Murphy’s oil soap and Liquid gold,
I am only going to have to hit it with my duster!

It looks just beautiful!

More later!


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