Paint Garage Doors To Look Like Wood

by THAT Painter Lady

southwest style garage doorsAnother great example of how to paint garage doors to look like wood.

This time the house has a true southwest style… and the Hacienda Style Doors look amazing.

I’m thrilled that so many of you are having such great results with the painting faux wood painting video set!

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Debra

I thought I would send you pictures of the faux wood garage doors I painted, as I am satisfied at how they turned out.

First Picture shows plain white steel doors.

Second picture is a close up of one door after completion.

Next is both doors fully finished.

The fourth picture shows the garage door and the front door in the same frame,
along with some of the wood trim on the house and porch.

My goal was to finish the garage doors so that they matched the feel of the doors and trim.

The last photo is a close up of some of the panels on the garage door to illustrate the wood grain look I

This was my first time using a faux wood technique too. Not extremely difficult, but it was a lot of work and fairly time consuming.

Worth the effort though for the finished look and the cost savings of purchasing real wood doors.

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