Change The Look Of Fireplace Mantel

by THAT Painter Lady


I have attached some photos of my latest project. THANK YOU Debra!!!!

I love the warm look of wood, but I love that I got that same warm look and feel at a fraction of the cost of replacing the fireplace surround, pilasters and mantel (about $700 to do myself from my local big box store).

It cost me about $30 to do the faux wood graining, only because I experimented with different colors and couldn’t find the burnt umber tint, my store only had raw umber, it was almost black, but I wasn’t sure what color it was supposed to be so I used it, later I went to a different big box store asked the guy at the paint counter and got the burnt umber MUCH BETTER.

mantelI also wanted a darker wood color so in the final product I added a little Georgian Brick to the Yellow Ochre and the colors were pretty darned close to the real oak banister 4 feet away from my fireplace.


Now I want to do my exterior door! I think I just need to take time to think about what I need in order to do exterior, by the way thanks for info regarding the exterior faux wood graining.



white-fireplace-before-faux-woodAll I can say is WOW!! You did an AWESOME job on that mantel. It looks so real in the pictures! You have made my hard work in creating these videos all worth while. Great job!

Yes, you can get the look of real wood at a fraction of the cost!

I am also happy to hear that you practiced with your colors first. That is the best way to get the look that you want before doing it on your actual surface.

Just gorgeous Barbara!! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!

Debra – THAT Painter Lady
I entire fireplace surround was white and what they wanted was a rich wood look to match the furniture.

The painted wood graining changed the fireplace mantle from boring to a key feature in the room.

Congratulations on a job well done! The fire place mantel is gorgeous.

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