Questions About Graining

Painting Masonite Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

Hi Debbie, My kitchen cabinets (the doors) are made from masonite and are wood tone finish. I would like to paint them white. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. Carol And another question I just painted my kitchen and now am starting on the cabinets. They are laminate, painted with semi gloss white. I want […]

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Painting Melamine Cabinets

Hi, I have white laminated melamine (i guess, they’re not wood) cabinets. Can I paint these? My contractor advised me against this 15 years ago. and now here I am with yellow dingy cabinets. any advice? Thanks, liz Painting over melamine is one of the toughest jobs to take on. I don’t want to discourage […]

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Coffee Color Glaze For Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets


Hi Debra, I’m refinishing my kitchen cabinets. I’m adding new moulding & hardware as well. I’d like a medium tone finish as my kitchen isn’t very big but gets alot of light. I”m using sample boards & I’ve been playing around with benjamin moore paint samples in a light beige to medium brown for the […]

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What Colors For Wood Grain Base Coat


Hi Debra, Thank you for the faux painting download. I am wondering if yellow is the only color used for the base when painting for a wood faux finish or if there are other color choices available or recommended? Also, is the base simply paint (like perhaps an eggshell water based paint) or is it […]

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Faux Woodgraining Techniques For Front Door

Clear Coat for Wood Graining Techniques

Hi Debra, I purchased your faux woodgraining techniques videos and applied them to my all white fire place, turned out dark but thats the way I wanted it. Now I would like to use the same technique for my front door inside and out & trim, other than exterior paint is there something else I […]

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Special Tips For Faux Wood Graining Moldings or Chair Railing

I just watched through your paint a column video. I would like to paint moldings in our library to resemble a fairly dark cherry/mahogany. Any special tips for painting moldings like these? You had some special hints about painting columns, I just wondered if there was anything special for the moldings. For one thing it […]

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