Faux Wood Painting

You Can Faux Wood Paint Garage Doors

I’m amazed at all the fantastic results I am seeing with faux wood paint on Garage Doors: Hi Debra, Been meaning to send you some pictures. I have put off painting my garage doors for fear of screwing it up as a first timer, but I finally took the plunge and I got the look […]

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Faux Wood Graining Garage Door

Hi Debra, Well, we finally finished painting the exterior of our house and faux-wood graining the garage door Time was of the essence. Fortunately, the weather cooperated long enough to let me paint without too much heat (it was going to change for the hotter according to the weatherman and it did for a day or two), however, I did deal with quite […]

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Wood Graining Door HGTV Video

I found a great video on HGTV that shows the exact process I teach in my Faux Wood Grain Video’s. The only “added” tool and technique is the faux Wood Graining Tool

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Wood Grain Door Garage

Quick note!  I took this photo on our recent trip to Mexico. Every house on this street had plain fiberglass garage doors except this one. The Wood Grain Door on the garage would not be apparant to anyone but me. I took a very close look and knew that this door had been faux wood […]

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Painting Faux Mahogany On Honey Oak Banister And Railings

Hi Debra, Thank you for being available to us novices. We recently stripped and painted our honey oak banister and railings a salmon mauve color and used brown glazes to faux a mahogany look. It ended up looking one note – burgundy. Can I add a gold glaze over the polyurethane top coat to and […]

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The Use of Graining Rollers and Transfer Papers

UNITED GILSONITE LAB 14337 WD Graining Tool Corrugated rubber tools of various forms are used in graining. Some kinds of woods can be done complete with these tools, and again their main character laid out with them, which is afterward improved by hand work.  They are great time savers and to the man who knows […]

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Faux Wood Graining Ash

faux wood graining ash

The background for faux wood graining ash is the same as that we have described for oak. It consists of white stained with ochre. If the ground is stippled before the wiping out,it should be done with raw umber and raw sienna in glaze; reduce their strength by the addition of white so that the […]

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Learn To Paint Satin Wood


Satinwood, with the one exception of holly, is one of the easiest of all woods to imitate. There are few markings in it and next to nothing in veining. Mottling of no great prominence by their depths of coloring are the only markings. The wood varies somewhat in the depth of its tone from a […]

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Light Oak Wood Faux Treatment

Wood Faux treatment: I have 8 mobile home doors I would like to change to light oak color to match the door & wall trim. They are not real wood but look like a melamine finish. Can I still do this treatment? If I start with clean doors, do I need to sand or degloss […]

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Paint Door To Look Like Red Weathered Barn Wood


I have a white builder’s grade door that has a glass panel in it. I would like to paint the door portion that surrounds the glass so that it looks like a weathered red barn door. I was thinking perhaps a medium brown base coat w/a barn red glaze on top. Suggestions/feedback would be appreciated. […]

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