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Paint Garage Doors To Look Like Wood

southwest style garage doors

Another great example of how to paint garage doors to look like wood. This time the house has a true southwest style… and the Hacienda Style Doors look amazing. I’m thrilled that so many of you are having such great results with the painting faux wood painting video set! Thanks for sharing. Hi Debra I […]

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You Can Faux Wood Paint Garage Doors

I’m amazed at all the fantastic results I am seeing with faux wood paint on Garage Doors: Hi Debra, Been meaning to send you some pictures. I have put off painting my garage doors for fear of screwing it up as a first timer, but I finally took the plunge and I got the look […]

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Faux Wood Graining Garage Door

Hi Debra, Well, we finally finished painting the exterior of our house and faux-wood graining the garage door Time was of the essence. Fortunately, the weather cooperated long enough to let me paint without too much heat (it was going to change for the hotter according to the weatherman and it did for a day or two), however, I did deal with quite […]

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Faux Wood Grained White Door From Home Depot


Ray Finfer sent in this picture of his faux wood grained white door. the door was a plain paneled white door from Home Depot. For some reason the contractor stained the trim but just stuck in cheap white doors. So I matched the trim.

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Faux Wood Painting Wine Cellar Door


Hi Debra, This is a door in our basement to the wine cellar. We wanted to do something unique and cellarish! The faux brick on the walls I have shared with you already, and now the door is finally finished. I wanted it to look like an old wood door. I painted the base coat […]

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Painting Doors Dark Brown Wood

I don’t have pictures of Mimi’s Faux Wood Grained doors… but I did help her solve some problems she had. It’s all about the process. This is a copy of the Q and A Mimi and I had to help her solve the problems: Hi Debra, I purchased your video to paint my door like […]

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Refinishing Damaged Woodwork

HI Debra, I was just thinking about you this AM as I am finishing up “reusing” the woodwork on the upper level of our home. Thought you might want to share this idea with your readers as well. We just put in a lovely new laminate wood floor in 2 rooms and our upstairs hall. […]

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Faux Painting Hawaiin Koa Wood


Have you ever done Hawaiian Koa? I have thirty doors to do, and have done some samples. I’m wondering if you may jnow of any sources for making curly Koa? Aloha and Mahalo Steven Hanson In answer to Steve’s question… I have not created faux wood grain curly Koa. It looks like he has […]

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Change The Look Of Fireplace Mantel


I have attached some photos of my latest project. THANK YOU Debra!!!! I love the warm look of wood, but I love that I got that same warm look and feel at a fraction of the cost of replacing the fireplace surround, pilasters and mantel (about $700 to do myself from my local big box […]

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Faux Wood Grain Stair Railing


This is an amazing project I helped Charlene work through to the final finish! This picture is the original stair railings in Charlene’s gorgeous home. Hi Debra – I have your Wood Grain techniques video where the column is painted. I want to paint a more Mahogany finish. Is the “tomato” color base for Cherry […]

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